How Websites Works:
In order for you to have a website online for the world to see - you have to have 3 things:


1: You HAVE to have a Domain Name.

This will allow people to find you on the internet. Think of it as your address or the location of your business - it's your storefront.

We can take care of this for you - it's $10.00 for the year.




2: You HAVE to have Hosting.

A hosting company basically holds your website files. Once you build your website (or have a site built for you) then you have to have a hosting company to put your site online for the world to see. The cost can average from $14.99 - $35.99 per month.

When you sign up with our sevices, $24.99 per month, we take care of the hosting for you.




3: You HAVE to have an actual Website.

You can either build the site yourself, or pay a company to build it for you.

This is where we come in...
We build the site for you for a minimal fee. When you sign up with our services we charge a very low fee of only $150.00 per page.




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