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You can sit back and relax, because webdesign is our specialty. Click on the images or launch site buttons to see live views of just some of the working websites we've designed.

portfolioLittle Flip Books

Requirements: Video footage to demonstrate how product / service works. Client Login area. Slide show, revolving images on home page. Contact / Feedback forms.

Small Site Featuring: Image Rotater, Flash, JavaScripts, Casscading Style Sheets, HTML, PHP


portfolioDiamond Music & Entertainment

Requirements: Availability checker to let customers know if date they are requesting is available. Music Database so clients can create request sheets and playlists for DJ. Interactive forms that will collect client contact information and build database for marketing. Video footage to show clientele samples of various parties. Slide show to display images.

Large Site Featuring: Flash, Image Gallery, Slide Show, Drop Down Menu, Side Bar Slider, Video and More.


portfolioDiamond Music & Entertainment - Live Music Site

Requirements: Registration and Login pages. Live Music Database so clients can listen so samples of various bands and live musical groups, once they have created a profile. Interactive forms that will collect client contact information and build database for marketing.

Medium Site Featuring: PHP, Database Systems, Registration and Login Pages, Search Capability and More.


portfolioNewsletters Monthly

Requirements: Paypal - clients side setup account and server side recieve account information and automatic residual monthly payment. Video tutorials to teach clients how to customize newsletter. Live samples of newsletter displayed as webpage. Setup social networking links - Facebook and Twitter. Set up YouTube account.

Medium Site Featuring: Flash, Video Tutorials specifically on YouTube, SpryAssets, SpryAccordian, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Image Rollover Links, and More.


portfolioBorso Law

Requirements: Client Evaluation Form to collect information and status of case. Create Client Login and Account Setup area which will allow clients the ability to download PDF Files. Easy to use rollover text navigation for informational site.

Medium Site Featuring: PHP, Downloadable PDF Files, Client Login and Account Set Up Forms, More.



portfolioBeautiful Whispers

Requirements: Logo. Webdesign with fast turn around time - client needed site done in one day in order to showcase music for potential buyer. Ability to play mp3 files.

Small Site Featuring: Flash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Functions Music Files





Requirements: Interactive image gallery for clients to select and view images of events. Forms for client to book online, check availbility of dates and get an instant price quote.

Medium Site Featuring: Flash, HTML, CSS, Interactive Image Gallery, Scrolling Image Gallery, Pop-Up Image Gallery, Event Forms and so much More.